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Kate Bancroft
Wednesday, February 07 2018
Winter Storm Warning

The past few mornings have made me feel as if I live in a snow globe. Big snowflakes ,gently falling, makes the world seem so peaceful. Just enough snow to cover up all traces of yesterday. Just enough to make snow angels, to push it off the deck with a broom. Just enough so you still think it's beautiful.

A winter storm warning has been issued. Over the course of the next 2 days, more than enough snow is expected. Snow that requires your driveway to be plowed, sidewalks to be shoveled, road crews to work overtime, schools cancelled and the drive to work.

What was beautiful and managable one day will become a burden the next. My beautiful snow globe bubble will burst!

In life, just as Michigan in winter, there is always a storm ahead. 

I have jokingly told my son that he needs to be a meterologist because I want to better understand the weather. The patterns, predictablility and storms. He has not followed my hints and I still don't understand weather. I guess that's why I have an app on my phone to fill me in. 

Much in life is the same way. We flirt a little, spend a bit too much, drink one too many and eat a second helping. Then one day we are caught in the "more than enough". We are surprised by the surprise of it all. We didn't hear or maybe didn't want to hear the warning of the storm ahead.   

We need to listen to the warnings. In life, some storms cannot be avoided, they are outside of our control. Some are absolutely a product of our choices.

I cannot do a thing about how much snow is coming. I can do something about my health, my relationship with my husband and my financial choices before there is a storm warning. By preparing ahead of time, if there is a storm that comes, I will be better prepared to weather it.




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