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Kate Bancroft
Meet Kate

My battle with the “self-worth” “self-image” giants began early in my life. At 8 years old I was told that the only thing I would be remembered for would be the funny way I talked due to my speech problem. Right then I decided that I was unacceptable, didn’t fit in, unwanted, worthless and that I should be invisible. At the age of 14, I stopped eating because I was told I was chubby. This careless comment that I took on as my identity put me on the path of a multitude of eating disorders that ran my life for decades.

These giants were given complete access to my life. They undermined every decision, thought, relationship and any attempt to change. I felt defeated because I was.

Does This Sound Like You?

Do you feel like there are moments without hope? Do you feel captive to the giants that are ruining your life?

I felt the same way. I thought because I was worthless, my addictions, decisions, abortion, history ect., there was no way possible to get a clean start. It was too late for me. I want you to hear my heart. You are not alone. Today is your new start! You are loved beyond measure and worth more than you can imagine!

Standing In The Gap...

I stand in the gap for women like you because the giants that defeated me for so long need to be stopped in your life. I want you free to live with hope, to see the beauty of you and to know how to walk victoriously! I lived too much of my life ashamed of who I am to stand on the sidelines and let a giant do the same to you!

Because I have lived this myself I know it is possible to slay your giant. The battle was not won overnight. I had to “soldier up” and go through “boot camp” to learn how to fight, to gain the tools to necessary to live in victory. Now I can, battle tested, come alongside you. I became an author in the #1 bestselling book “Stepping into Courage” so I could empower you to step out and fight the giants in your life. I am part of the upcoming book, “Endurance”, to share how to go the distance in this fight. I have been part of the weight loss and fitness industry and had to educate myself through the gaps in their training that did not address the giants I was facing. There has been many mentors, retreats, classes, trainings and books that have given me the weapons I used for my freedom. I live in the trenches, continuing my education to gain as much insight as I can so the battle can be won in your life. I have been in Women’s Ministry for years and see first hand the struggle to gain freedom. I want you to be able to proclaim “freedom” in your life.

Are You Ready For Your Freedom?

Your giants may look undefeatable to you at this moment but if you, like David did when facing Goliath, will choose this decision as your first stone to throw at your giants, freedom is coming.

Let’s slay some giants together! I am ready to be by your side and help you gain the freedom from what is holding you back. Reach out to me confidentially below and let's allow God to work through us as a united front to move you to a life of joy, freedom and fulfillment.

Don't let the giants hold you back. Take this first step and allow me to come along side you.

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    Kate Bancroft

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