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Kate Bancroft
Your Path

Have you ever gone on a hike? Did you see the sign when you began, showing you how far this trail will take you and where you will end up?

You begin your journey. The path wanders through dense woods, open fields and as you climb this hill you think, “I have not seen a sign in a while”. The path becomes crowded with rocks and fallen trees and you wonder if you are on the right path. Did I miss something? Am I still going in the right direction?

We have all experienced times like this. We think we have life figured out and we are walking along following our path. Then we stop and look around and wonder where we are or how did I get here. What happened to the path? Am I okay? Am I going to get through this?

I think about the David and Goliath story. Reflecting on the Psalms which David wrote as an adult. David was hiding in caves from his enemy. This gives us great insight to the day David was walking to the frontlines to see his brothers and encountered the Goliath situation. He felt led to fight this giant. Did he feel strong the entire time? We all know it’s impossible to feel strong 100% of the time. Even the Apostle Paul said “In my weakness, I am strong”.

The first step to a successful journey is to know you are not alone!

My personal mission is for you to remember that God created you beautifully for a purpose. He walked with David that day and He will walk with you!

My role as your coach will be to help you evaluate:

  • Where you are
  • Look at your map and gain clarity: are you on the right path or need to set a new course
  • What resources should be in your backpack so your journey is one of celebration, love, growth and resilience.


Kate is helping me to move forward in my life. She listens, inspires and lives what she teaches.
Carol M
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