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Kate Bancroft
Monday, January 22 2018
Be Still

Looking at this big blank page, thinking "what can I say that matters?". It seems like such a daunting task. It begs to be filled with words, pictures, anything really that replaces the vast emptiness. Why do empty spaces intimidate us?  Can we be comfortable in the silence? The lapse of a conversation. Can we rest in the lapse or are we quick to say something just to fill the space.

 We are told to "be still and know that I am God". Be still. Still as in not moving or still as in silent? Either is challenging. I get up an hour before my husband to have time alone with God without any interuptions. My schedule this morning turned into "last minute rush". I quickly moved through my list with God ,finished with a hurried amen and moved on to what need to be done.  All day I have felt hurried and distracted. No praise music playing in my head. No communication with God as I have gone about my day. 

Facing this big empty space, I took a moment and asked for God's wisdom. That's when it hit me.  I had come before His throne with my agenda, not once seeking His for my day. Disconnected from the source of Living Water. Disconnected from the One who gives me breath. Forgive me Father. 

This space is never to be filled by me. Father, I surrender this to You. May You write the words that need to be said. heal the hearts that need Your touch, quiet the turmoil within us. Teach us how to be still. To be comfortable in the stillness before You. You are the author of my life and it is Your words that fill the pages. 


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