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Kate Bancroft
Thursday, December 21 2017
JImmy the Driver

In planning our trip to Scotland, my husband said "We need a driver."" I do not want to drive a car that's backward ,on the wrong side of the road, where I have no idea where I am going! " He also refused to be stuck on a tour bus with a bunch of "old people" for two weeks. I pushed back at this expense. I didn't want to be stuck with someone I didn't know for our entire vacation.( what was I thinking, that's the tour bus!)  With the assurance of the tour company that we could ask for a different driver, I proceeded to list off several qualities I wanted in a driver.

The first few hours with "Jimmy the Driver" were awkward. His impression of us based on the itinerary from the tour company painted us as regimented, uptight, controlling tourists. Jimmy showing up in a jacket, tie and hat, I pictured him as snobby. Well, we were all laughing at these first impressions within a short time. We threw out the time schedule and Jimmy lost the tie and jacket. We could have held onto our first impression but we would have never experienced Scotland "Jimmy the Driver" style. First impressions, in my opinion, are quite often wrong. I was carrying the " what if I don't like the driver" with me so I could play that card and most likely say "I told you so " to my husband. Once again he was right.

The second day, Brian pointed out to me that EVERYthing I had said that I wanted in a driver, Jimmy fit.  God hears all of our requests. Big ones and small ones. God blessed my "need to be right list that no one could meet". Because of God's love towards us, He checked off all of my "demands" and handpicked our driver. Our trip to celebrate our 30th anniversary was  filled with abundant God moments. Jimmy showed us the true beauty of Scotland, from the Highlands, to castles, ruins and mountains, God's creation held us captive.

There is never a moment when we are out of God's sight. There is never a moment when He doesn't hear us. He knows what we need before we do. He already had it set up when I was fighting it. When it seemed as if God was NOT listening to me about this trip, I wasn't listening to Him.  He calls us to trust Him. When it looks like He is doing nothing, trust Him. For nothing is impossible for God.

He was moving Jimmy into place as we were booking our vacation. We could see God's hand moving in his life as he shared his story. How God planned all of this. He knew we needed Jimmy and Jimmy needed us.

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