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Kate Bancroft
Thursday, December 07 2017

The world around me looked like I had just stepped into a snowglobe. Breathtakingly beautiful! I paused for a moment to take it in. Then reality hit, snow was stinging my face and I still have to drive home through this. The first snow of the season and most seem to have forgotten how to drive in it. There is always the one who drives as if they are in perfect road conditions, sliding all over the road, putting us all in jeopardy.

Halfway home it was as if I crossed a barrier, no more snow. Road was clear and dry. Just the view in my mirror to remind me of where I had been.

Life is like that. We get caught up in what looks good and step into it. We are then scrambling for secure footing while we manuver our way through. We watch other people go through it faster( it seems).  We grip so tightly trying to be in control when we really cannot see where we are going.  When we make it through, we exclaim "I am never going to do that again." Time passes and if we are not careful, the same choice presents itself. Decision time. Do we step into it or do we just shake the snowglobe, remember what happened before and choose not to participate.

















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