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Kate Bancroft
Facing Your Giants

When we use the word “giant” we often think of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack’s path was to climb up this enormous plant. No easy task I am sure! When he got to the top, he had this huge giant to deal with. However, a giant does not have to be something large to be overwhelming. I want you to know that giants come in all shapes and sizes. What others think are small can seem insurmountable to us. Have you ever just wanted to sit down and quit. You cannot believe this one small thing keeps tripping you up. You just are sure you are on the wrong path.


Most of the giants we face are not the “Jack and the Beanstalk Giant” they are an obstacle that hits us to deter us from continuing on our path. The giants goal is to convince you that you are not capable, you will never fulfill your purpose and you should just quit. They hit us the hardest often when we are on the cusp of a breakthrough.

In Psalm 139, God tells us that He knew us before we were born and we are wonderfully made.

I understand how you are feeling and you are not alone. The giants want us to believe that we are not strong enough, smart enough, worth enough, pretty enough….just not enough.

Now is the time to shut them up!

Just like David had 5 stones in his pouch, I am going to help you recognize your giants and how to suit up to fight your giants effectively.

As your coach I can help you with how to fight your giant. That’s why you need me, it’s not a “one size fits all” approach. It’s about you and your giant.


Very inspirational! I have a deeper understanding of God’s view of me.
Nancy S
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