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Kate Bancroft
Slaying Your Giants
Slaying your giants

It’s time to draw your sword and fight the giant. Are you ready?

When we visited Mammoth Caves, the caves were clearly marked as to the difficulty and length of time to complete the hike. We had several options to choose from. We needed to take into consideration our own limitations. Are we afraid of heights? Can we climb that many stairs? Can we crawl through small, dark spaces and how far can we hike? The caves were an incredible experience. We were safely navigated through by expert guides.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful if we knew ahead of time the difficulty and length of our journey. We could pick the easy path. That’s not how life is. It’s the difficult climbs, the small tight spaces that grow us.

It’s time to put on your armor. When Saul heard that David would fight Goliath, he offered him his armor. David tried it on but it did not fit him. He chose the fight Goliath with the weapon he had trained on, a slingshot and 5 stones. Your weapon is you!

As your coach I will help you develop your 5 stones

  • Your cause
  • Your confidence
  • Your courage
  • Your commission
  • Your commitment

Together, the giants will fall!


Learn from one who has walked the journey! Her depth of understanding of my struggles brought huge breakthrough!
Tammy T
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