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Kate Bancroft
Stepping Into Courage
Stepping Into Courage

#1 Best Seller

The courageous are not just the ones who do mighty feats, but the ones who are scared to death, choosing to move forward, moment by moment, facing their fear head on, declaring my fear is not my identity. - Kate Bancroft

Fears take on many forms. You’ll see them at work in a CEO’s willingness to risk, a woman’s war with allergies, a boy’s lifelong insecurity, a son’s fear of losing his father, a professional’s search for peace, a young girl’s healing from years of abuses, a boy’s exchange of lost for found, a teenage girl’s transformation from unloved to loved through forgiveness, a leader’s peace found in dependency, a soldier’s victory discovered in surrender, a counselor’s change from career to calling,  a cancer carrier’s message of Hope, and a contractor’s can-do choices. In these pages, find what it takes to begin STEPPING INTO COURAGE!

Kate Bancroft, along with twelve other co-authors, will lead you through their experiences of steeping into courage during difficult times. A truly inspirational read.

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    Kate Bancroft

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