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Kate Bancroft
Tuesday, August 14 2018
Choosing Peace

Discovering peace in the midst of chaos.

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Thursday, June 28 2018


We heard the thump. Whatever it was, it hit hard. Stepping out into the deck, we found the answer. A beautiful female goldfinch lay dead. She had not noticed the window for what it was and hit it.

How often have I done the same thing? Just gliding along in life, thinking the way is clear only to be blindsided and knocked down by something that seemed to be an open door but wasn’t.

In Matthew 10, we are told the Father notices every sparrow and that we are not to fear because we have more value than many sparrows.

If our Father pays attention to the birds of the air, why should I be surprised when He responds to what I am doing?

 The narrow path is where we are called to walk. Distractions are all around us and things are not always as they appear. We are told to be on our guard for the enemy is prowling about looking for one he can knock off the path. He has done it before, Eve with a piece of fruit, changed her life forever. Peter, fear overtook him and he denied Jesus. I could give you a long list from my life.

The bird was flying and probably saw the sun’s reflection in the window but didn’t notice the glass. This distraction cost her, her life. The enemy wants it to cost us our eternity, our soul.

Be aware of his tactics. If it doesn’t line up with scripture, it’s like the window. It might look like an easier way but eventually, you will hit it and get knocked off the narrow path.


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Monday, June 11 2018


When I signed on for the book project centered on forgiveness, I truly thought it would be easy. I don’t hold grudges or hold on to unforgiveness. So I thought.

What I discovered was quite different.

The depths I had buried unforgiveness towards myself was unearthed and laid bare.

Not dealing with it wasn’t forgiveness.

Not talking about wasn’t forgiveness.

Burying down deep to hide it and forget, wasn’t forgiveness either.

I knew what I wanted to write but it was not coming together. I wanted a piece full of kumbaya and good feelings. What I received was a strong word with clear instruction of what I was to write. I played it over in my mind for several days. Trying to figure out what it would look like and how I should do it. How transparent I really needed to be. I asked, “Do I really have to do this, say this, share this?!” Silence. The deafening kind! Then I realized I was trying to put my own spin on what He said. I was uncomfortable with the truth laid bare. I was more worried about what everyone would think than the glory He would receive because of His transforming work within me.

A few hours later and with many tears shed, I finished what I was told to write. I didn’t even read it. I just sent it to my publisher and waited. I also had to share it with my husband. It isn’t just my story to tell, it’s his also. It was written from my perspective but it involves both of us deeply.

It became clear the work God had been doing in me over the past few months was all for this assignment. It was time, He wanted a complete healing of the old wound. I had discovered how much I had buried about my past. How much I held on to and the depth of unforgiveness I had towards myself which spilled over onto my husband and infected every area of my life.

I had to come face to face with this question, “Is the work Jesus did on the cross enough for me, for my sin?”. By holding on to unforgiveness, saying “I can never forgive myself”, I was telling Him it’s not, try again, do more for me, and refusing His sacrifice. I am making little of the cross. Ouch! I was given a picture in my mind. Jesus on the cross, looking right at me and saying “Kate, I did this for you”. The choice to receive, however, is up to me.

Unforgiveness is a prison. By forgiving myself, the chains came off and the door opened. I being once a prisoner am now set free.

Matt 6:14-15  For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you don’t forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Forgiveness begins with you. If you forgive yourself of your trespasses, your heavenly Father will forgive you.

Freedom awaits.

Luke 7: 36-50



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Thursday, May 31 2018
Master chef



Watching “Master Chef” last night. It was “audition” night. Each home cook had a limited amount of time to prepare their “signature” dish in an attempt to win an apron from one of the 3 judges to be in the competition. I am always amazed at what people make. Often thinking, “I want to eat at their house every night!” What pressure. Everything they do is being scrutinized.  Many heard, “it’s too rustic”, “not restaurant quality”, “too simple”, “poor presentation” and the list of what was not to their liking continued. At one point, Chef Ramsey says “Is this dish good enough to be in Master Chef? I am not sure.” To which the home cook replied, “I hope so.” Hope. Had he done enough?

I think many of us are familiar with Gordon Ramsey. His flair for dramatic, drive for perfection and of course, his choice of words. As I watched, I thought of how God views my “signature dish”. My life and what I bring to His Kingdom.  Many times I get stuck in the comparison trap. Thinking “I am too simple, to rustic and definitely lacking in presentation finesse”. Listening to the enemy of my soul tell me how disappointing I am to God, I have blown it, and am not worthy to be in His kingdom. I will not be receiving the prize.

I had to take this stance of “I am not enough” and give it a good scrubbing. Remove the layers of limiting beliefs, self-worth, deception and how I view God so the truth can clearly be seen. God doesn’t run His kingdom as a competition, waiting to be impressed by what we do and ready to send us packing when we miss the mark. Everyone is welcome. The door isn’t locked, you just have to open it and walk inside. There are no separate qualifications based on if we are smart, thin, young, elegant, or simple. It is not about our talents but our willingness of laying down our life, picking up His cross and following Him. I don’t have to outperform someone or strive for perfection. I am enough because HE is and I am His!  It’s all about Jesus. Jesus said, “Believe in Me.” “I am the Bread of Life”. “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Those, my friends, are the necessary ingredients for my “signature dish”, a surrendered life. The prize waiting for us isn’t a place in a competition, it is eternity with our Creator, it’s hearing “Well Done!”

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Tuesday, May 29 2018
My Messy Garden


My garden is a mess. I am amazed at the wildness of it. My once beautiful fenced in patch devoted to an abundance of vegetables is unrecognizable, overrun, and unusable as it is. How did this happen?

Last year I decided not to do any gardening due to my busy schedule. I would enjoy the abundance of others at the farmer's markets. I did not work in my garden. None! I just left it. Throughout the summer I commented on the height of the grass that was growing and the weeds that seemed to be appearing overnight. Still, I did nothing. I missed the raspberry harvest because they were hidden by the jungle. Last fall, I thought, “I should have this tilled for the spring.”  I thought the same thing a few months ago but didn’t. Today, I just want to plant a few tomatoes and zucchini and my garden is not ready. Not even close! I am paying for the months of neglect of the space.

I fenced my garden in to protect the space from the hungry critters that roam my yard. Added chicken wire to deter bunnies and a gate to keep it secure.  The fence did its job. The fence was not designed to protect the soil.

As I worked in my garden, pulling weeds, I thought of the verse in 2 Cor 10:5, where we are told to take every thought captive. What am I allowing to grow in my mind? Am I focusing on whatever is true, lovely, pure and just? Am I wearing my helmet of salvation? Renewing my mind? I think the enemy comes at us like a weed in our mind. Am I ignoring it? Do I even notice it? Or am I actively digging at it to get all of its roots so it cannot grow back? The grass in my garden has a crazy root system that seems to go on forever. The enemy is prowling about seeking whom he can devour. Seeking where he can send the roots to infiltrate, invade and crowd out what should be growing.

In Proverbs 27:23, we are told: “To be diligent to know the state of our flocks and attend to our herds.” Most of us do not have flocks or herds of animals anymore. But the truth of this remains today, we need to be paying close attention to what we need to be paying close attention to. The flocks and herds were their livelihoods. They had to be on the lookout for predators. Know the terrain they were in and navigate it for the benefit of all they were responsible for.

Fast forward to today. In our jobs, homes, and families, we must be diligent to know our “terrain” so we also can navigate it well. What is the status of our home? Our family? Our finances?  We must be on the lookout and recognize a weed from the enemy and pull it out.

Romans 12:2 “And do not be conformed to this world ( this is the fence to protect you) but be transformed by the  renewing of your mind ( protect the good soil of your mind and watch what is trying to creep in) that you may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God ( this is the fruit you are called to bear).

No weed the enemy plants can withstand the Cross. Be diligent and aware.

Weed on, my friend! Weed on!

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Friday, May 25 2018


We get many calls into the office of our painting company from people who want their kitchen cabinets refinished. They want to update their kitchen but the cost of new cabinets are more than they want to spend. I get that. New cabinets are about the same as a new car.

What happens, invariably, is the response of “I just want them painted. Why does it cost so much?”

We respond to God the same way. We ask God to change us, make us look different. But what we really want is for Him to just put a fresh coat of paint on our old self to make us look new.

In reality, the painting happens last. Each cabinet door is handled 10 times before the painting process can begin. First the doors are removed and labeled with their position on the kitchen. They are now taken to the shop where the cleaning, sanding, repairs, and a special primer that keeps any lingering stain from coming through has to happen. Last, once the finish of the door is as close to “factory” as possible, the painting can happen.

We need to let God remove us from our old self, clean us, “sand” us and repair us. We need to sit and let the blood of Jesus cover us so our old stains are gone. It is all part of the being transformed into the image of Christ. It is then we are ready for the Master Artist to complete His work.

2 Corinthians 5:17 

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

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Tuesday, April 03 2018
Low Fuel

I was all ready to go to the gym. Grabbed the keys to the truck and headed out the door. First thing I noticed was the low fuel light and then I saw the gauge, buried in the red. I am the person who is sure if I have less than a quarter of a tank, I am in danger of being stranded. MInd you, I have never been stranded because of no gas but I could be and it's the "could be" that results in filling up at a quarter of a tank. 

So now I have a major dilemma. I am ready and on time for my exercise class. Do I chance it and drive "white knuckles" the 8 miles to the gas station? I won't need to exercise, I will have burned more calories worrying the whole way. I retreated to the house when I remembered we always have extra gas in the shop. I was saved! Not really, EVERY can was empty, just fumes like the truck.

I was sulking a bit about this and maybe a little irritated with my husband for leaving me the truck on empty. Okay, I was. But here's the thing, I put the empty cans in the truck and drove to my dad's house( 2 houses down from mine). He put one of his spare cans of gas in my truck, I put his now empty can in the truck and off I went to class.

Later, as I was spending a small fortune filling the truck and empty cans, I thought how convenient it would be if I had a "low fuel" light to remind me I need to fill up. A few years ago, in the aftermath of loss and suffering, my doctor tried to tell me how I was running on fumes but I couldn't see it. Until I fell apart, it wasn't pretty. When we know we are running low we go to people we love for some much-needed fuel. Thier love, insight, and support give us just enough to keep going. They are not meant to fill us. 

At the pump, filling the many cans and the truck, I had to swipe my card twice because I went over their limit. In order to be filled, I had to go to the source. What my dad shared with me was enough for a short trip but to travel for a long haul, I had to go where the supply was abundant.

God is the source for all my needs. I can lean on people for encouragement and support and get some fuel. I can call on those who lean on God as their source and get more but if I want to be filled to overflowing, I need to go to God myself. He will supply all of my needs. 


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Tuesday, April 03 2018
Power in the Blood


Originally posted at

My daughter, write these words down.

My child, My children are very disobedient. They’re insistent on walking in the same way they have walked for years. They refuse to give up anything, set in their ways with no concern that their ways are bringing them straight to hell if they don’t turn from them and do an about face.


They will sit in their churches with all the abominations to Me and not think twice about it. They will embrace these people. They call themselves My people; they say they are the children of God. They are nowhere near Me. These so-called Christians are walking with their father, the father of lies.

Anyone whose heart is truly for Me walks in obedience to Me. They cherish My commands and see the freedom of walking in My Will. My children who are truly of Me enjoy being with Me, enjoy My Presence, do not sit in defiance against My Word. They understand how I desire to be loved and it has and always will be through obedience.

I hate the proud, the lying tongue, the false witness, the ones who plan mischief and lie in wait for their prey. I hate the pride I see so much of especially in America; most prideful, arrogant people who care only about themselves but put on a show that they are concerned about others. I hate the thievery I see. My house has been robbed so many times that if I were to make each one pay back what they owe Me x 7, they would be unable to do so. There is not enough money in America to pay Me back. These whores have used My Name for their gain– OH THEY WILL PAY– I will wipe the smug look off their faces and strip them bare.

So many of them lift themselves high (haughty) and I will soon come crashing down on their high towers, their houses. As they robbed Me and used the money to live lavishly, I will remove what they purchased through dishonesty, lies and deceit. The house of God has become a den of thieves, a business, money changers profiting off My Name. What I give I give freely. What I give My people they are to give freely to others whether it is a word of wisdom, word of knowledge, prophetic word or whatever else I have shared with them.

I AM has always provided for My children but these do not believe. They are NOT content on living with less and they are never content with what they already had; always hungry for more and more; never hungry for the true manna from heaven. Their churches are NOT on a firm foundation, not established on the Rock. They feed lies to My sheep but My sheep do not diligently research or question their leaders. They believe every lie fed to them because he is a man of God they say. My children do not come to Me, do not seek, do not care. If it sounds good, they are all for it.

I speak of the Laodicean church – it is rampant throughout this nation, America, which I detest. America was blessed but they took these blessings and used them to corrupt, to cheat that were to be shared with My people and instead of taking care of their fellow man, they took care of themselves and their immediate families. The corruption is in every facet of your government, your churches in America.

ALL MUST GO! From my vantage point, I see nothing but filth, debauchery, pedophilia, sexual immorality, idolatry, witchcraft, exploitation of children, whoredom on so many levels, crimes against humanity, abortions and selling My babies for profit, vulgarity, violence, hatred of anything good and upright. I, Creator, see nothing worth saving other than some of the lost that My Father has given to Me. I have been angered, have cried, have pleaded, have tried every way possible to show My people to repent and to turn from their wicked ways.

Very few have listened. Most have become accustomed to rejecting walking in My Ways; NO desire to be clothed in righteousness because that would mean one has to turn from their sins. They are like pigs wallowing in their filth.

Until I strip them in America of their pride, arrogance and take everything from them they will never turn back to Me. So many souls will still choose death over life on their dying day, cursing Me as they go to eternal damnation. Sadly, man has made themselves to be their own “gods”, live as I wilt, it is my life, I can do as I want. The attitude of “I answer to noone but myself”; a sure fire way to put oneself into hell. The unredeemables believe this lie from asatan as do those in the lukewarm state.

Too many live in a state of delusion that I will somehow allow unrepentant sin in. My Kingdom will only consist of a pure, spotless Bride; those purified by the fire. Many of My chosen will be purified through trials and afflictions and will die in My Name through martyrdom. The time is very near as persecution is rising and those who are against My people have their plans in places of torment in place. If they hate Me, they will hate you. Remember, I was hated first.

My children, thousands upon thousands have been martyred in My Name in other countries and you are next in America. My children, you must prepare your hearts for this. Not all die in martyrdom but you must ready yourself for that day is coming so very soon where you will be called upon to choose. Will it be Me you choose or will you allow FEAR to enter in and let asatan steal your inheritance from you? Many rewards await those who stand firm until the end and do NOT deny Me before men. Asatan’s weapon has always been FEAR and it has caused so many to fall. Do not let this be you. I will be with you and I will carry you through it all if you do not deny Me. You see, those in darkness hate the light.

To those called by My Name, you must be wise as serpents now. You MUST do warfare and wear your armor each day. Close all doors to the enemy. When you repent daily, stay close to Me in worship and praise, it closes off the enemy—he cannot gain access. I AM has given you the tools you need in My Word. USE THEM!!!Read My Word, meditate on it, pray for all and whatever you do this is NOT the time to decide to wander off and stop doing warfare each day. Anoint yourselves, your family members, your home, your pets. Say the warfare prayer as you anoint along with Psalm 91. Plead the blood of Yahushua over everything.

There is power in the blood. I bore your cross, carried your sin and shame, shed My blood for you so that you could receive everlasting life. Do not take My sacrifice so lightly.

If you continue living in unrepented sin, you will have NO power over the enemy. Don’t underestimate what he can and will do to you. He is banking on you letting your guard down, allowing fear in, staying in sin and living as the world.

I have overcome the world and you can too. Keep in mind the Victory is already yours but you MUST DO your part and be an “overcomer”. I have won this war-the Battle is the King’s! I am on your side. Remain strong, be sober, be vigilant. This is NOT the hour to be lackadaisical.

ARMOR UP CHILDREN! The battle for your soul will be fierce. Know your enemy. Eyes must be open and ears must be attentive to hear now. Listen for Me to speak to you—only I know which way is safe for you to go in. You will be protected as long as you do not walk out of My will for your life. Be Bereans, be the Soldiers you were raised up to be. Be warriors. The enemy fears My Word and those who are strong in warfare prayer; who keep their garments clean each day!

Get your final preparations done. Men, you are to lead your families in the days ahead. Women, you are to stand, encourage and work alongside your spouses. Children, you are to listen to your parents and those older are to rise up and be strong in My Word.

I AM is looking for labourers for there is a harvest to be had. Are you with Me? Yes or no? Death or life? Your choice—I will not force myself on anyone. You must NOW make a concerted effort to get off the lukewarm train to nowhere and return to Me. Otherwise, you will be of no use to Me. How can My light shine through you if you continue to live in darkness? Time to decide is NOW—not after it all crumbles.

This nation is going to its destruction. Time is short. Use it wisely.

I, Yahushua HaMasiach am returning! Repent for the Kingdom Of God is at hand!

(Given To Ms. Sophie on 4/2/2018) Posted at 7:44 pm

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Thursday, March 22 2018
Thank You

During some of the most difficult times of my life, someone showed up once a week. I knew the knock on the door would come. They would walk into the classroom and ask for me. I didn't want them to come, to be singled out, to be made fun off or to be different from the other kids. But I was.

All those years of help from the speech therapists set me free from the outward expression of my different way of speaking. The inward feeling of ridicule and rejection was left untouched for years. 

A few weeks ago, I was serving teachers of our local school. All of the teachers had been through a difficult training that morning and you could see the weight and depth of emotion they have for their students.  As I mingled, expressing my gratitude for what they do for our children, I met a young woman who is a speech therapist. We talked about what she does and how it impacts the lives of the children. I realized that in my 7 plus years of therapy, I never, not once, thought of them in a positive light. I waited for the knock with dread. Thinking that they were the cause of the laughter and rejection. I cannot tell you if it was a woman or a man who came to get me. I don't even know their name. I never saw them. I only saw me.

That afternoon, I looked this woman in the eyes and shared my story. Where I started and where I am today because of  many someones who did what she does. I thanked her for the work she does. For the lifelong impact she is making in a child's life.  I told her not to get discouraged because the children do not understand the difference she is making. We both had tears rolling down our faces. Hers, the encouragement to keep helping. Mine, cleansing from deep in my soul.

I went to bless those who take care of our children every day. I came away with a blessing far greater than I gave.

Thank you. Two words we need to use every day.



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Wednesday, March 07 2018
The Myth of One More

At this moment, my house is chaos. The dogs are in full-fledged "Heeler" mode and using the furniture like a Spartan Race. Chaos. Frustrated, I yell at them to be quiet. Yeah, that always works. Lose your patience and raise your voice so peace and quiet visits your house. 

This day I had visions of a mini writing retreat at my house. Like a cottage at the beach. Just you and the sound of the waves. Hours of inspired, uninterrupted writing. Reality exploded my vision like a bomb.

We have 3 dogs and are watching one for a friend. I whined loudly to God about my situation and blamed it all on the extra dog. It is the extra, the one more dog that is causing the chaos. 

Really? Like there wasn't chaos before? I was already stretched to my limit at times with our dogs. So what was it about the "one more"?

How many times have I taken on one more thing and thought I could handle it, only to feel the weight was too much. One more purchase on credit, one more activity volunteered for, one more shift at work, one more drink, one more, one more.

It seems it is the "one more" that breaks us but it is the lifestyle choices we made leading up to the "one more" that set us up to break. What areas of my life has "pressure cracks"? What choices do I need to make to relieve the pressure? 

In Luke 10, Martha complains to Jesus about her sister not helping her. Jesus responds that she is burdened and distracted with many things.  The many things were causing Martha to miss the one thing that was important. She needed to lay down the many things. 

I need to lay down the many to embrace the One.

Looking back at my episode earlier and feeling like a crazy woman, I realized that I was so caught up in the chaos that I was missing the one thing needed......I just needed to put the dogs outside.

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