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Kate Bancroft
Tuesday, August 14 2018
Choosing Peace


Peace, in the midst of chaos, is it even possible?

This is the question I have wrestled with.

We have 3 dogs in the house. Not just any dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs. High energy working dogs. There are mornings when chaos reigns and reigns loud! I enjoy my quiet in the mornings. I grab my cup of tea, bible, and journal. It’s my time. Well, until it’s not.

I hear my husband say, “I have released the Krakens!” Like a thundering herd, the 2 one-year-old brothers charge down the stairs into their day. One spinning in a circle, telling the whole world he is up and ready to go. The other is trying to find the random sock left behind in a shoe. Any peace I was feeling has left the building.

I have said many times, in the midst of this craziness, “Enough!”, “They are driving me crazy!” and a few times, “I hate them”. Really?! No, I don’t. Right now, they are laying at my feet, quiet as can be. I have done what needs to be done for them. We have exercised, killed a ball or two, played in the yard and released some energy. Yet, in the mornings, I let my impatient attitude get the best of me.

Today, I declare that ends. Reading John 15 about the vine and the branches, I am once again reminded that I can do nothing unless I abide in Jesus. Nothing. Nada. Not ONE thing. I want to bear much fruit. Fruit that remains. Yet, when the chaos happens, I am not looking like a fruit bearer, more like a raving mad woman!

We know the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. I was making it really easy for him to steal my peace. Steal my joy, steal my fruit, steal my gentleness, and my kindness. Then my tongue goes into overdrive and let me tell you, I am not taking every thought captive. In the middle of the chaos this morning, I thought, “If I cannot feel His peace in my own home, in this momentary chaos, how am I going to walk in peace, in the chaos of the world? Ouch!

I want to reflect Jesus’ light, His peace, love and hope to the lost. But how I react in my home right now with the dogs being dogs will not, in any way, draw one to Jesus.

So today, right now, I have had enough.

I will choose peace. I will choose joy.

I will choose kindness, gentleness and the elusive self-control.

May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to You, Oh Lord. For You are Lord over all things- even the chaos in my home. I surrender it all to You. May Your peace that passes all understanding guard my heart, mind, words and actions- in my home and in the world.

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