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Kate Bancroft
Tuesday, April 03 2018
Low Fuel

I was all ready to go to the gym. Grabbed the keys to the truck and headed out the door. First thing I noticed was the low fuel light and then I saw the gauge, buried in the red. I am the person who is sure if I have less than a quarter of a tank, I am in danger of being stranded. MInd you, I have never been stranded because of no gas but I could be and it's the "could be" that results in filling up at a quarter of a tank. 

So now I have a major dilemma. I am ready and on time for my exercise class. Do I chance it and drive "white knuckles" the 8 miles to the gas station? I won't need to exercise, I will have burned more calories worrying the whole way. I retreated to the house when I remembered we always have extra gas in the shop. I was saved! Not really, EVERY can was empty, just fumes like the truck.

I was sulking a bit about this and maybe a little irritated with my husband for leaving me the truck on empty. Okay, I was. But here's the thing, I put the empty cans in the truck and drove to my dad's house( 2 houses down from mine). He put one of his spare cans of gas in my truck, I put his now empty can in the truck and off I went to class.

Later, as I was spending a small fortune filling the truck and empty cans, I thought how convenient it would be if I had a "low fuel" light to remind me I need to fill up. A few years ago, in the aftermath of loss and suffering, my doctor tried to tell me how I was running on fumes but I couldn't see it. Until I fell apart, it wasn't pretty. When we know we are running low we go to people we love for some much-needed fuel. Thier love, insight, and support give us just enough to keep going. They are not meant to fill us. 

At the pump, filling the many cans and the truck, I had to swipe my card twice because I went over their limit. In order to be filled, I had to go to the source. What my dad shared with me was enough for a short trip but to travel for a long haul, I had to go where the supply was abundant.

God is the source for all my needs. I can lean on people for encouragement and support and get some fuel. I can call on those who lean on God as their source and get more but if I want to be filled to overflowing, I need to go to God myself. He will supply all of my needs. 


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