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Kate Bancroft
Monday, January 29 2018
Breaking the Fast

I just finished a 21 day Daniel Fast. Susan Gregory's plan ( or provides rich guidence and insight. Saturday, being the last day, was one of the most difficult. The knowing that all food is soon to be back on the table. I eagerly talked about what I would add back first and how tea would definately be on the menu for breakfast. Sunday morning came and all eagerness to regain what I had "lost" for the fast was not felt. I felt rather unsure if I was to break the fast. So I didn't. This was my first multi-day fasting experience. I went into it for deeper insights from God on the path I am on. Yes, clarity that needed was given.  Great battles raged for my fleshly desires and for my mind. I stood strong and leaned hard into the Holy Spirit and declare victory in the battle over food. My mind however didn't fare as well. I was sick for several days and did what most do, just vegged out and binged watch tv shows. BAD IDEA! I let my helmet slip and gave access to the enemy. The distraction, the darkness and the immorality felt like it had flooded my brain. I gave him an inch and he took a mile. For days after, I felt like I was in a fog. Doubting what God has asked me to do. Dragging my feet to get it done. Distracted by the draw to watch the tv show. Desperatly clinging to the fast as a lifeline to a drowning person.

Today, helmet in place and armor on, I move forward. Fasting has been one of the most incredible spiritual experiences I have ever had. The battle I lost has, becausing of fasting, gave me a new understanding of how the enemy fights in my life and how to "batten down the hatches" so he does not gain entry again. Nothing we watch, listen to or take part in, apart from God, is harmless. We must take every thought captive and focus on what is true. The enemy goes around roaring like a lion but he is not a lion. Jesus is the Lion of Judah. The characters on these shows are not real, the situations are not real and the people playing them are trained in the art of believability. The enemy wants us emotionally connected to these characters to distract us from the life we are called to live. I will be choosing not to participate any longer.

Time is short. Jesus is returning. We must seek Him with all our heart, with all our mind and strength. Only then will we be able to stand against the evil one. 

Wake.Pray.Fast. and Slay!

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