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Kate Bancroft
Sunday, January 07 2018
Wind chill

I have been surprised this week at the attendance of the gym I go to. I was expecting a large increase of people, after all it is the first of the year and everyone has decided to get in shape and lose the weight, right? Yet, each day , there were less than average attendance in the classes. Why? I wonder if the frigid tempuratures we are experiencing keep them home.

Yes, our weather has been frightful and the snow really isn't delightful. On Tuesday morning, with the windchill at about 10 below, I was telling myself that I am crazy for going out in this. Yet, if I only choose to go workout when I am comfortable or the weather is lovely, how often will I go? Most likely never! We are creatures of comfort and habit. We are in the habit of being comfortable! Growth never happens in the comfort zone. 

It applies to all areas of life. We have to push through the challenges. If you never dig in to learn a new skill, you'll not achieve it. This is repeated for as long as it takes. Think about an olympic athlete, yes they are at the top of their sport. They won't stay there if they do not put in the work to stay there. Tiger Woods still picks up his golf clubs outside of a tournament.

I ran from my house to the car, looking like the "Staypuff Marshmellow" man. Layers, it's all about the layers to stay warm! I ran into the gym the same way. In class, no one was in a hurry to loose their sweatshirt as we complained about the cold.  By the end , we were all glad we had braved the cold to come and said " I will see you tomorrow!"

The weather in our life will never be perfect for what we want to do.  Putting on the whole armor( layers!) will help protect us from the elements. In the book of Matthew, Jesus' disciples were in a boat when a huge storm arose. They just wanted to get to the other side of the lake.  That happens to all of us. Don't let a little turbulance keep you from flying.  Remember, just because there is a storm doesn't mean you won't get to where you are going. Jesus was in the boat with them. He is your cornerstone. He is always with you in life regardless of the weather.

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