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Kate Bancroft
Wednesday, January 03 2018
What's the word?

For the past few years ,I have spent time in prayer, study and writing seeking from God a word to focus on for the upcoming year. About mid way into December I thought I knew what the word would be. I even wrote it in bold letters on my roadmap wall. Got to love it when I get ahead of God!

Brian and I went away for a weekend to lay out the upcoming year. What priorities, projects and growth do we want to happen. Yes, we talk about everything. Our relationship, finances, hopes, goals, dreams ect.... nothing is off the table. We walked  through the process of discovering a word for this year. I love how God, if we are paying attention, always shows up. Brian is an overachiever! He picked a scripture because , as he put it, it's everywhere he looks. There is nothing "magical" about this word or the process. If your word is Money, I am telling you, money is not going to start falling from the sky. What you do gain from this is Clarity. You peel back layers to dig down deep into your soul and seek the Creator of your soul and tune into His voice and direction.

Clarity- the quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound.  

You gain Clarity by spending the time. Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days for prayer and fasting before He started His ministry. He needed time alone with the Father. He regularly withdrew from His disciples to pray. To accomplish the work God has created me for, I have to follow Jesus' example. Spending time one on one with Jesus. That is where Clarity comes from. 

Yes, my word I was so sure of  was not what God had for me. His is so much better ( of course!)  I am excited about this coming year and the very clear roadmap He gave me. It will stretch me in many ways, which is good because if I am not 100% relying on God for this, than it's just all about Kate and that's not His plan!

If you are reading this and are thinking "Clarity? I have not had that in a while" I would love to help you. You need Clarity in your pouch to successfully slay the giants in your life.

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