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Kate Bancroft
Tuesday, January 02 2018
What's in Your Hand?

Everyone has the secret to your success for the new year. Everyone! They are all lined up to tell you how to lose weight, have your "best year" ever, or land the perfect job.. What if there is more to it than that? What if there is fear, doubt, lack of self worth, or poor self image hanging out trying to hold you down? Losing the weight ,or a new job will give you a lift but doesn't tackle the giants behind the scenes.

So what's in your hand? What are you carrying with you to defeat these loud mouth giants who want you to give up? They want you to feel defeated. They want you to feel like they are unbeatable.

In 1Samuel 17 The army of Israel was being challenged by the Philistines. There was one among them, Goliath, who was quite bold. He was HUGE and intimidating and he knew it. His mouth never stopped challenging the Israelis. It went on for 40 days. The Israeli army was defeated mentally and they hadn't picked up a weapon yet. Along comes David.  He was delivering food to his brothers. He heard the challenge from this giant Goliath and asked what will be done for the man who defeats this giant. The rest of the army thinks he is nuts. Goliath is too big, too strong, it's hopeless.

We often have the wrong perspective of the giants in our life. They seem so big, to big for us to tackle. We give them their power. The more power we give them, the more they look like they grow. We look at one who has victory over a giant in their life and wonder how was that possible.  

David picked up 5 smooth stones, put four in his pouch and one in his sling, and took Goliath down.

We need to remember what we carry in our pouch. We carry with us the weapons needed to slay the giants in our life.

5 smooth stones. 

Cornerstone, Clarity, Confidence, Committment and Commission


Let's tackle your giants together. This can be your first "giant slaying" year! 

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