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Kate Bancroft
Monday, January 01 2018

We as a nation celebrate the new year coming in. Millions watch the big ball drop in Times Square. We make our New Years Resolutions and declare this will be our year. What did you decide was your resolution for this year?  Lose weight? Quit smoking? Married? Divorced? The follow through on these resolutions are terrible. Only 50% are still focused on it after 3 weeks. Within 6 weeks 95% have let it go.  Why? We want to change something in our life. 

Change only happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. 

Jesus loves each of us and wants all of us to be saved. I have heard many say," Jesus loves me just as I am", this is their reason for not changing. Yet we are called to be changed into His image, this transformation brings us into deeper relationship with Him. Transformation isn't a New Years resolution, it's the surrender of self to the Maker of the universe.  It's the day by day, step by step, decsion by decsion attitude to get to the end of our life and hear "Well done."

2018 the year to surrender your life to Jesus and watch the transformation of your heart. I know if you choose today to follow Jesus with everything you have this year, you will not regret the journey when you see the person you have become.

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