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Kate Bancroft
Thursday, December 28 2017
Reflecting Jesus

Yesterday during a conversation with my husband, he posed this question, " In what arena do I have the biggest struggle reflecting Jesus?" Then he followed it with "The one that I need to be a reflection of Jesus the most!"

Is the atmosphere at work changing us instead of us changing it? Are we the only Jesus our families see and is it a positive reflection? I know the moment by moment struggle it can be. I didn't ask for them to base their opinion of Jesus on my actions.  My mouth gets me in trouble and how I wish I could take things I have said back!  My impatience gets the best of me, and my temper flares up as I seem to watch myself acting like this and I think "What am I doing?" I am acting like the imperfect person I am, one who is in the lifelong process of being transformed into His image. One whose sinful nature trips me up and causes me to humble myself, repent and apologize.

In John 4, we are told of a woman who comes to the well during the hottest time of the day. All of her "dirty laundry" is known by everyone. She comes when no one else should be there. Yet, this time, Jesus is waiting there. He reaches out to her. All of her past failures, choices, shame, rejections, abandonments and sin are known to Him. She runs to the village to tell them of this One she had met "who knew everything I had ever done".  Jesus has her share this news to the ones who have rejected her, shunned her from society, and called her names. Her past didn't stop her from being used to proclaim Jesus. My past choices, failures, words and attitudes are not a reflection of Jesus. My repentance and obedience is.

I read this quote today by David Platt. "My biggest fear, even now, is that I will hear jesus' words and walk away, content to settle for less than redical  obedience to Him.

The arena I struggle in the most to reflect Jesus is the one where He wants me to reflect Him. He knows I will fall down and I know He will help me back up. Every time. In every situation. I will follow where he leads and I will continue to ask for "holy duct tape" to keep my words out of play so only His voice will be spoken through me.

Jesus Christ my cornerstone. The foundation of my life. I surrender all I am to Him for all He asks of me.

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