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Kate Bancroft
Monday, December 11 2017
Wrong Button

I have written 3 blogs today, well 4 if you count this one. Each time I try to post, they vanish. POOF! Gone  to the great internet beyond. What is happening?! The first one was amazing. I thought I sounded so smooth. It flowed, the pictures were great, it was perfect except that it left. Frustrated, I tried again. Can you recreate something you thought was good? I couldn't even remember exactly what I wrote. The next attempt was okay, not like the first one but okay. The 3rd one didn't even make it into a few sentences. Then, it too left me.

What am I doing wrong? Why is the computer doing this? I was rather upset with this black machine. Reality check, it only does what I tell it to do. Somehow I was sending these "priceless" works to the abyss. As I writing this, I am thinking "why should I bother, it will disappear also" but it's not, so what is the lesson here for me. 

It actually was very simple, the computer did nothing wrong, it wasn't trying to sabotage me or make me upset. I have been doing this for a few weeks and I am getting comfortable with the program. Comfortable isn't  a great thing. I stopped paying close attention to each step. I missed a button I need to click on. 

Yep, I am responsible for having to write this again, just like I had to yesterday because of the same mistake. 

What button you push matters. Every choice you make is important. Don't get so comfortable that you get sloppy and lose your focus.



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