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Kate Bancroft
Sunday, December 10 2017

Sleep is eluding me tonight. Between the snoring and the coughing in my house, it is nowhere to be found. So instead of sleeping, I am laying in bed having conversations with God. Then I realized, I was doing all the talking and non of the listening. God tells us to "Be still and know that He is God." Be still, I am trying to sleep, of course I am being still! The more I think "I have to go to sleep", the farther it seems to be. So I will just lie here and wait. Wait. That is not one of my  top 10 skills. We live in a microwave society. Everything has to be "now". "Now I lay me down to sleep", only I am not sleeping.  Do I really know how to wait like God wants me to?

I keep looking the the time and doing the math of how long I have before the alarm goes off. Then the whole "take every thoght captive" goes right out the window because my mind is playing all the possible paths tomorrow could take because of my lack of sleep. That's not helping!

So I will turn off my computer and go back to bed. I will be still and quiet my mind with His truths and listen and wait. I will entrust tomorrow into His hands, regardless of how much sleep I got. Peace I leave you, My peace I give you. Thank you  Jesus.



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