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Kate Bancroft
Friday, December 08 2017
Doing Good

In this crazy holiday season, we are often rubbing elbows with people that do not top our 'favorites" list. Many we only interact with at funerals and holidays. I watch my mother in law try to please everyone and runherself ragged in the process. Family, we don't ge to choose ours, God does.

It is the same in the family of Christ. As "brothers and sisters" in Christ we are a family. Too often we get caught up in minor differences that leads to strained relationships, unforgiveness and hurt feelings. People leave because of the hurt.

We cannot please everyone and we are all going to hurt someone's feelings. Let's take the upper hand and talk to the one who we are at odds with, apologize when necessary and above do not talk to others about them. Jesus is our example. Judas approached Him in the garden to betray Him and Jesus let him. On the cross, Jesus said "Father forgive them" We cannot let hurt feelings create barriers between us and Jesus.

Tis the season for celebration, turning the other cheek and loving them in spite of them.

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