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Kate Bancroft
Saturday, December 02 2017
Place Settings

Love, loss and hope intermingled last night. At our Christmas Tea, surrounded by laughter and fun, God began to move. During one of the speakers time, I was hit so hard thinking of my mom. She has been gone almost 4 years. As the hostess for the night, I began to transisition the group to the next item on our schedule. Tears got in the way and I began to speak about my mom. When I asked the room who had lost their mom, dad, child, sibling...everyone in the room was carrying a loss. You could see it the thier eyes. You could also see the love etched on their faces. The love doesn't stop because someone is no longer right next to you. I have heard that grief is like an amputation, you are no longer quite whole but you learn how to live in this new normal. We moved from loss to love to hope. The hope we have in us through Jesus Christ. The reason why we were all there celebrating Christmas. That Emmanuel, the With us God, came so He could walk with us through our life. He came knowing He would die for us to secure eternal life for as many who choose to accept the invitation.

  Looking around the room at all the beautifully decorated tables, I noticed many empty places. The place setting was there, the person was not. We all had invited but not all who were invited came. Many who had accepted the invitation didn't come.This reminded me of the parable Jesus told about the man who prepared a great banquet but all his invited guest declined the offer. He then sent his servants out to invite whoever they find. This new group came and enjoyed a feast. Jesus told his disciples to "Go and make disciples." Invite people in to meet Jesus. This is our stone of "Commission". 

This Christmas season, as we mourn who we are missing, I encourage you to set a place setting. Not for the one who has gone but for the one whom Jesus wants invited in.  Let them discover how love and loss intertwined with the hope we have in Jesus is just one of the reasons we celebrate Christmas. 

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