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Kate Bancroft
Monday, November 27 2017

My husband was going into church to do some needed painting. This needed to be finished asap and his schedule with our own clients is full. I asked if there was anything I could do to help. Sounds innocent enough ,right?  My husband has owned our painting company for 15 years and worked for his dad, whom he took over for, before that. The man can paint and has a high standard for the quality of work our company does and well, I don't even come close! So when I asked, I was expecting a negative response. Pick me up off the floor, he said yes!

He walked on the wild side and outfitted me with a bucket of paint and a small roller. I watched carefully as he explained how to do the job. I've got this! I picked up the bucket and somehow managed to get paint all over my hands before I even started painting. How is this possible? The man never has paint on him. Why? Because he has been doing it for years. He could probably do it in his sleep. I struggled my way through, cleaning up all my drips, and finished the job. The only remnant is the paint that does not want to leave my fingers.

As I scrubbed my hands, my mind wandered to the thought that nothing is easy when you first start. No one begins as an expert. We see others playing a sport, knitting, singing ect and think that it looks easy.  Our faith walk works the same way. We all start out as babies, grasping with both hands, Jesus as our Savior and celebrating what he did for us. Then we see someone who seems to know everything about Dueteronomy while we are still trying to spell it, and feel like we fail in comparision. 

Jesus has never been in the comparision game. Whew! As believers in Christ, He is our conerstone. Our foundation. The solid rock on which we stand. He continually asks us to move forward into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him. Everyone of us is on that path, some farther down( they make it look easy). Some just beginning...getting paint on their hands!. On the journey, you will fall down, make mistakes, misspell and mispronounce Old Testament names.  Pick yourself back up, repent if needed, and get back on the path and let Jesus wash you clean. 


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