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Kate Bancroft
Friday, November 24 2017

We saw Barrage in concert with the Chelsea House Orchestra. First, the young people in CHO are truly amazing. So much talent.
Watching Barrage was an incredible experience. The music and energy permeated the auditorium.
As I watched the young man playing the cello- I found myself thinking of myself in the 5th grade wanting to play in the orchestra. I so wanted a viola to play but was tasked with a cello instead. I didn't even know what a cello was! It quickly became apparent that this cello( which was almost as big as I was) gave the kids another reason to laugh at me. With all my speech problems, I really wasn't interested in giving them more opportunities. I hauled it on the bus with me back and forth to school, listening to the comments.
My heart was never in playing the cello. All I could see was the pretty girls, the popular ones playing their small violins and violas looking so cute and me- the one who talked funny, that they made fun of, stuck behind this big ugly cello.
I escaped from the cello as soon as I could.
Mesmerized by the sounds coming from these instruments, I thought, if I had only known the possibilities. The music that could be made in the hands of one who cares about their instrument. I didn't know and I had not bothered to find out.But I felt their heart in the music they were playing. I asked "Lord, make me like a violin in your hands"
Again this morning as I was praying, I said,"Lord I want to be like a violin in your hands." I was reminded of my cello, not the instrument of my choosing but the one I was asked to play. The instrument I put down because of what I thought it cost me.
In His hands, I will be whatever instrument He chooses. The instrument can make no music by itself but in the hands of the Master- anything is possible.
If He chooses me to be a cello, so be it, I will play the music, I will not quit and I will not compare myself to the other instruments He plays. After all cello's are amazing and are necessary in God's orchestra.
Let the music play!

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