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Kate Bancroft
Thursday, November 23 2017

I started this blog post this Thanksgiving morning, thinking of all I have to be thankful for.  After all Thanksgiving is a day set aside to remember all the wonderful things we have to be thankful for. We are called to "enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise." How often do we take a "pause" to thank God? As I am "pausing" here to reflect, my husband walks in and announces he is making waffles. I LOVE waffles! He makes the best gluten free waffles.  No, seriously he does!  Here is the challenge, I have been grain free for the past 3 months. I went through an elimination diet with my Naturopath  Doctor and am feeling good, REALLY good without adding grains back in.  The thought of chucking it all and having a waffle is crossing my mind! 

Our human tendancy is to focus on what we don't have. That is how satan got Eve's attention.  He holds up the fruit and show it to her, declaring "it's good!"  I can already smell the waffle!'s not good for me! Walking through the "food jungle", discovering what works for my body and what doesn't, I am often asked, "What can you eat?"  When I first started this journey, in my "poor, poor, pitiful me" stage, the answer was NOTHING! All I could focus on was what was no longer beneficial for my health. It was all "I can't have" this. Today, I choose to eat the way I do. After all, this life is temporary and at the banquet table in Heaven, I will be able to eat anything in front of me.

Today, I am thankful for and blessed by an amazing husband that found a paleo recipe for waffles for me so we could enjoy our breakfast together. The smell of them is still lingering in the air, reminding me that I am loved, valued and worth the effort of making 2 different batches of waffles. I am thankful for the access to the food that works for my body. Too many souls are hungry today. 

As you celebrate the day, let the "smell" of God's goodness remind you that you are loved, valued and created with a purpose. That you are a "2 batches of waffles" person!

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